Abiodun Adegoke: 7'11 Nigerian dunks on Shaquille O'Neal with minimal jump (2024)

Shaquille O'Neal dunked on by 7'11" Abiodun Adegoke in Instagram video. 'Big Naija' is the Nigerian giant, gaining popularity on social media and potentially turning into the tallest professional basketball player ever.

The 7-foot-11 (2.41-meter) Nigerian basketball sensation Abiodun Adegoke continues to fascinate the internet. Recently, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal shared an Instagram video featuring Adegoke, also known as Big Naija, effortlessly dunking over him while barely jumping off the ground.

Adegoke's unique stature first gained attention in March 2021 when Shaq showcased footage of him dunking while keeping both feet planted on the ground. Despite Shaq's influence, Adegoke still didn't make it into the NBA. Could he play in the NBA in the future?

His towering presence has made him a viral phenomenon, with his Instagram following now reaching 127k.

Speculation about Adegoke's age persists, with conflicting reports suggesting he could be anywhere between 18 and 23 years old. In 2021, Adegoke himself claimed to be a teenager still.

However, as far back as 2016, reports from Nigeria indicated that Adegoke was already 17 years old and stood at a height of 2.18 meters.

Adegoke honed his skills at the Segun Odegbami International College and Sports Academy in Wasinmi, Nigeria, and later played in the MPAC Elite Youth League in Dubai.

Should he pursue a professional basketball career, Adegoke would hold the record for the tallest player ever.

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Abiodun Adegoke: 7'11 Nigerian dunks on Shaquille O'Neal with minimal jump (2024)


Who is the 7 11 Nigerian basketball player with Shaq? ›

Shaquille O'Neal dunked on by 7'11" Abiodun Adegoke in Instagram video.

Who is the Nigerian basketball player next to Shaq? ›

But standing next to Nigerian-born Abiodun Adegoke, Shaq looks downright fun-sized. The Big Diesel and the man who goes by “Big Naija” recently linked up on a practice floor.

Is there a 7 ft 11 basketball player? ›

Despite his incredible 7'11 height, it's unlikely that Abiodun Adegoke will ever play in the NBA because he still plays only on an amateur level. Big Naija also doesn't have a solid basketball background for the NBA, and there is a lack of evidence regarding his actual age.

Who was the guy Shaq pushed? ›

On March 28, 1999, Shaquille O'Neal puts Chris Dudley on a poster, then pushes him to the ground. Dudley fires the ball at Shaq in anger.

Who did Shaq finish with? ›

In 2004, O'Neal moved on to the Miami Heat and won his fourth NBA championship in 2006. Between 2007 and 2011, Shaq took his talents to Phoenix, Cleveland and finally Boston where he finished out is illustrious basketball career.

Does Shaq play with LeBron? ›

Shaquille O'Neal had 53 games played with LeBron James in his career.

Could Yao Ming dunk without jumping? ›

No, at approximately 7'5", Yao wasn't tall enough to dunk without jumping as his standing reach even in basketball shoes was only 9'8".

Why short guys can dunk? ›

If you have shorter-than-average thighs for your height, you have the ideal mechanical setup for leaping, see below for details. Calf muscles fires. Small muscles in the feet give the final push. People who are very good at transferring forward momentum (running) to vertical momentum will dunk off one foot.

Is it legal to dunk a free throw? ›

In 1956, in response to reports that Wilt Chamberlain was able to dunk free throws, the NCAA established a rule requiring that free-throw shooters keep both feet behind the free-throw line during an attempt. The NBA later adopted this rule.

Who is the tallest NBA player right now? ›

Who is the tallest player in the NBA right now? Wembanyama is one of two 7-foot-4 players in the NBA. He and Houston Rockets Boban Marjanovic are tied as the tallest players in the league right now.

What team did Shaq play with LeBron? ›

From his rookie year with the Orlando Magic to his retirement with the Boston Celtics, Shaquille O'Neal was almost always the man. The only exception to that, according to his most recent statements, was the year he spent with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where a young LeBron James was already "The King."

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