Beef stroganoff recipe (2024)

Tom Kerridge's creamy beef stroganoff recipe is made with mushrooms, soured cream and slices of rump steak. But the secret ingredient is a tin of beef consommé - a shortcut to a really concentrated beef flavour in the sauce. Crispy onions and little slices of gherkins make it feel extra special.

Each serving provides 795 kcal (505 kcal without rice), 59g protein, 87g carbohydrates (of which 18g sugars), 18g fat (of which 7.5g saturates), 18g fibre and 4.5g salt.

Beef stroganoff recipe (2024)


What is Stroganoff sauce made of? ›

What is stroganoff sauce made of? Stroganoff sauce is a sour cream gravy made with beef broth that's thickened with flour. It's flavoured with mustard and has mushrooms in it. I love the pale brown creamy colour against the deep golden brown seared beef!

What is the best cut of meat for Stroganoff? ›

Best cut of steak for beef stroganoff:

Ribeye, sirloin or fillet steak are best. You're looking for a steak with lots of flavour, that can be cooked quickly over a high heat without becoming chewy.

Can you add sour cream to Stroganoff without curdling? ›

Sour cream can curdle if added directly to hot liquid. To prevent curdling, temper the sour cream by stirring a little of the hot liquid into it and then adding the warmed sour cream mixture to the pan. Buttered egg noodles (see below for details of our tasting) are the classic accompaniment to this recipe.

How do you thicken Stroganoff sauce? ›

One way to thicken beef stroganoff is with flour or cornstarch. These are both common cooking ingredients that will help create an excellent thickening agent for beef stroganoff recipes.

How to add more flavor to beef stroganoff? ›

Quartered mushrooms and a combination of pearl onions and shallots give the finished dish a more interesting texture and flavor. Adding gelatin to the chicken stock gives it more body, letting the sauce come together more tightly to coat the meat and noodles.

What can I use in Stroganoff instead of Worcestershire sauce? ›

9 Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes That Get the Job Done
  1. DIY Imitation Blend.
  2. Reduced Balsamic Vinegar.
  3. Soy Sauce.
  4. Miso Paste.
  5. Oyster Sauce.
  6. Anchovy Paste.
  7. Red Wine.
  8. A1 Steak Sauce.
Apr 28, 2024

What is the best substitute for sour cream in stroganoff? ›

Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to the traditionally used sour cream in beef stroganoff recipes, so you can be confident that your family is getting a satisfying, healthy meal. Fresh dill and paprika will provide a sweet, slightly smoky garnish to top off the dish.

Does beef stroganoff contain sour cream? ›

Great homemade beef stroganoff features a thick, flavorful sauce made with the help of a slurry of flour and broth. Bringing everything to a boil towards the end of your cook time really helps to thicken the sauce in our Classic Beef Stroganoff dish, while adding sour cream afterwards makes it deliciously creamy.

How to improve stroganoff? ›

Use the right type of pan

The stroganoff will stew for a few hours, so you'll want a pan that will withstand the lengthy cooking time without scorching your food. You also want a pan that can sear without burning, and a thick-bottomed pan is necessary for that aspect.

Does stroganoff contain paprika? ›

Add the onion and cook gently for 10 minutes, or until softened and starting to caramelise. Stir in the garlic and cook gently for 2 minutes. Crumble in the stock cube and stir in the paprika and tomato purée.

Why did my beef stroganoff curdle? ›

Dishes like beef stroganoff, chicken paprikash, and many of the Moroccan stews known as tagines wouldn't be complete without a little sour cream or yogurt stirred in at the end. However, these cultured dairy products are sensitive to heat and can easily curdle if the stew is too hot or reheated.

What if I add too much liquid to my beef stroganoff? ›

Though it's quite simple to prepare, a common challenge that often confronts eager cooks is a sauce that's too watery, diluting the rich flavors and diminishing the overall appeal of the dish. Luckily, there's a quick and easy solution waiting quietly in your pantry — cornstarch.

How to fix watery beef stroganoff? ›

Cornstarch is a reliable and widely used thickening agent, that works in sauces, gravies, and soups. Composed of a long chain of starch molecules, it has the ability to absorb water and form a gel-like consistency, giving your beef stroganoff the desired thickness without altering the way it tastes.

What can I use instead of brandy in beef stroganoff? ›

But if you don't have red wine or brandy on hand, you can definitely swap it out… Use all red wine (no brandy). Or use sherry in place of the red wine and brandy. If you prefer not to cook with alcohol, you can leave it out entirely.

What does stroganoff taste like? ›

I think of beef stroganoff as having the warm comforting taste of a slow-cooked stew with the cooking style of a stir-fry. In this beef stroganoff recipe, thinly sliced beef is sauteed until just sealed, but still rare (and never chewy!)

Does stroganoff contain cream? ›

Tom Kerridge's creamy beef stroganoff recipe is made with mushrooms, soured cream and slices of rump steak.

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