Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods? (2024)

You do not need to use a dedicated gluten-free oven, however here are some tips to prevent cross-contact:

Avoid cooking gluten-containing foods and gluten-free foods together in the oven - do it separately.

Make sure to clean any surface your food will touch before using the oven. Place food on a clean pan or use foil. Make sure the wire shelves are free of crumbs if cooking directly on the rack.

Also, do not use the convection feature when cooking gluten-free because there might be flour in the fan from when regular bread/food was baked that can recirculate and potentially cause cross-contact with gluten.

Reviewed October 20, 2022.

Can I use the same oven for gluten-free foods as regular foods? (2024)
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