Does Pilates give you a toned stomach? - Kaya Health Clubs (2024)

Are you looking to sculpt a tones, strong stomach without having to religiously do sit-ups till your abs scream out for help? Prahran Pilates might be your answer!

While getting a flat and toned tummy is no easy task, Prahran Pilates focuses on the deepest layer of abdominals, helping you to build core strength and sculpt an all-round stronger body, particularly around your midsection.

The reason Kaya’s classes are particularly beneficial for toning the stomach, is because we work ALL of your abdominal muscles, including the six-pack rectus abdominis, the waist-defining obliques, and the deep transverse abdominis, which is the lower part of your abdominals often missed in traditional ab workouts.

Many movements and postures we do during class require you to hold your core in place, while moving your limbs in different directions. This challenges your body with balance and stability, and strengthens your core over time allowing your abdominals to become more defined.

In a study conducted by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, they found that after completing 36 weeks of Pilates training, women strengthened their abdominis by an average of 21%.

Does Pilates help you lose belly fat?

Pilates Prahran can definitely help you lose belly fat, but it’s important to note that targeted weight loss is not possible, meaning that if you want to lose belly fat, you’ll need to aim for overall weight loss.

The good news is, this can all be achieved through regular Prahran Pilates classes. Our classes are a complete workout for the entire body and if practiced often enough and coupled with a nutritious diet, can definitely aid with weight loss.

However, at Kaya, we like to encourage our students to focus on building their core strength, rather than weight loss. While many of you may be feeling keen to lose unwanted belly fat, it’s important to remember that enhancing your core strength won’t only give you the flatter stomach you desire, but will also support you in other areas in your life.

Your core muscles are the base of support for your entire body, so improving your core strength will help in everyday activities, from getting out of bed, to picking up after your children, to even helping improve posture and preventing back pain.

Can Pilates change your body shape?

Yes! If you practice Prahran Pilates regularly, you will certainly notice a change your body, not only physically but also mentally. Pilates is renown all over the world for creating long, strong muscles and an overall leaner look, while improving muscle tone and bringing a beautiful defined sculpt to your body.

What does Pilates do to the body?

Pilates Prahran offers a number of both physical and mental benefits that have the capacity to completely transform your body. Just to mention a few, you can expect improved flexibility, balance and posture, increased muscle strength and tone, better blood circulation and breathing, improved stabilisation of your spine, increased body awareness, as well as better concentration, stress management and ability to relax. To hear more about what Pilates Prahran can do for your body, see our ‘Health Benefits of Pilates’ article.

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Does Pilates give you a toned stomach? - Kaya Health Clubs (2024)


Does Pilates give you a toned stomach? - Kaya Health Clubs? ›

Does Pilates help you lose belly fat? Pilates Prahran can definitely help you lose belly fat, but it's important to note that targeted weight loss is not possible, meaning that if you want to lose belly fat, you'll need to aim for overall weight loss.

Does Pilates give you a toned stomach? ›

Most Pilates exercises work to tighten your core muscles — the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around your pelvis. Not only do Pilates help to flatten your stomach, but stronger core muscles enable you to do more physical activities.

Is Pilates enough to get toned? ›

Pilates, a form of exercise that emphasizes controlled movements, breath, and alignment, can indeed contribute to toning your body. By targeting specific muscle groups and engaging your core, Pilates can help you develop long, lean muscles and improve overall body composition.

Can I get toned abs with Pilates? ›

While getting a toned belly is no simple feat, Pilates centers around the most profound layer of the abs, assisting an individual with developing core strength and shaping the muscles, especially around the waist.

How long does it take to get toned from Pilates? ›

The length of time it takes to see results from pilates can vary depending on a variety of factors, including an individual's fitness level, frequency of practice, and overall health. However, with regular practice and dedication, many individuals can begin to see results within a few weeks.

How long does it take to see abs from Pilates? ›

In summary, you can expect to see results from your Pilates practice within a few weeks to a few months, depending on various factors. Remember that consistency, quality instruction, and patience are essential components of your Pilates journey.

What exercise burns the most belly fat? ›

Some of the best exercises to burn fat include planks, Russian twists, and bicycle crunches. These exercises target the core muscles, helping to tone and tighten your midsection. Creating a routine is essential for achieving your fitness goals. Start with a warm-up to prepare your body for the workout.

How often should I do Pilates to get toned? ›

It can also help you lose weight and tone your body. However, like any exercise routine, the results you get from Pilates will depend on how often you do it. If you want to see noticeable results from Pilates, you need to be consistent with your workouts. This means doing Pilates at least 3-4 times per week.

Is Pilates alone enough exercise? ›

It's possible to strengthen, improve flexibility, and sculpt with Pilates—but as we'll soon see, it's typically not enough on its own to achieve significant muscle gains. At any rate, Pilates helps to maintain muscle since it's a form of resistance training, Aditi notes.

Does Pilates reduce belly fat? ›

While Pilates can be an effective method for toning and strengthening the muscles in your core, it should not be relied upon as the sole solution for losing weight on your tummy. In fact, it is important to understand that spot reducing (i.e. targeting a specific area for weight loss) is not possible.

How many times a week should I do Pilates to get abs? ›

Pilates concentrates on the “core” muscles so, if you do it REGULARLY (at least 2 times per week), your abs will become much stronger. That said, to actually see the 6 pack the workouts must include cardio coupled with diet.

Is Pilates better than crunches? ›

A study by researchers at Auburn University-Montgomery in Alabama found that Pilates ab exercises are superior to crunches for strengthening abdominal muscles. In particular, the "crisscross" was better for strengthening the external obliques while the "teaser" was a more effective exercise for the rectus abdominis.

Will 20 minutes of Pilates a day make a difference? ›

Is 20 minutes of Pilates a day enough? If you're following the right workouts, absolutely! 20-minutes a day is plenty to get you in Pilates shape.

Can Pilates change your body in 2 weeks? ›

While individual results may vary, most people can see noticeable body changes within just three weeks. However, those who do Pilates less often may take up to eight weeks to see noticeable results in their bodies. However, Pilates changes more than just the body.

Why am I not seeing results from Pilates? ›

One of the main reasons you may not be feeling or seeing the results of your Pilates workouts is your consistency, or lack thereof. While you may be getting some benefits from yo-yoing from 5 classes one week, to a two week break, you'll find far greater results from building a solid foundation from the get go.

Does Pilates slim your waist? ›

For example, Pilates exercises that have sit-ups, boards or adaptations with movements of the lower and upper limbs are the best for reducing the waist, as they require great physical effort and breakdown the fat molecules. There is no doubt: the Reformer Pilates can contribute to reducing the waist.

What body shape does Pilates give you? ›

You will likely develop a lean and toned physique if you practice Pilates consistently. This is because Pilates builds muscle and strengthens your body. Pilates exercises incorporate controlled movements that target specific muscle groups. These movements help activate your muscles and make them work harder.

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