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5 Reasons Why People Do Not Like to Cook!

Some people love to cook. Others despise it. And many more fall somewhere in between. They might not mind cooking certain dishes, but it’s also not something they get excited about.

If you’re someone who doesn’t jump for joy at the sound of cooking, you are not alone. Sixty-four percent of adults dine out at least once a week. And almost 50 percent say that dining out is an essential part of their lifestyle.

Below are five common reasons why people don’t like to cook and some ways to address them. Which ones do you relate to?

1. Cooking is Stressful

For some people, cooking does not come naturally. Rather than it being a relaxing activity, cooking is stressful and tedious. These individuals also tend to second guess themselves, which also makes the process more stressful.

If you want to learn how to cook but aren’t very good at it, start with simple meals like grilled cheese. You can then experiment with different flavors and techniques that will help build your confidence.

2. Schedules are Busy

Cooking takes time. Even the so-called “quick and easy meals” can be complicated. Not to mention the time it takes to find a recipe, buy the ingredients and clean up the mess. Many people are just not in the mood to do this after work.

While ordering out from your favorite chicken restaurant might make sense once a week, you can’t do this all the time. What you might want to look into is prepping your meals for the week. Just one afternoon can get you a week’s worth of meals.

3. Directions are Hard to Follow

Not everyone has an easy time following directions. And let’s face it - cooking requires you to follow many instructions! Fortunately, technology has made this a lot easier. You can download an app and add your favorite recipes to a digital recipe book.

And, if you know that you have trouble following directions, stick to easy recipes that have few ingredients and steps. Over time, you can increase the difficulty of your recipes.

4. The Cleanup is Dreadful

There’s no question that cooking is messy. If you’re not someone who enjoys cleaning, cooking isn’t going to be your friend. In fact, you might purposely cook certain things so you only have to wash a few dishes.

To keep the mess under control, you can wash dishes as you use them and put the rest in the dishwasher. Or stick to one-pot or one-pan meals that have far less dishes to clean. Once you get more comfortable cooking, you might not mind the extra mess.

5. The Food’s Never as Good

Another common gripe we hear is that people love restaurant food better than what's at home! In many cases, the food tastes better because it contains a lot of fat, butter, oil and salt. This is okay only in moderation!

To keep yourself healthy, it’s best to choose healthy chicken restaurants like La Rosa Chicken and Grill and cook from home when you can. As you experiment with different flavors and ingredients, you’ll learn to love your cooking just as much!

LA ROSA Chicken & Grill (2024)
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