National Public Lands Day (2024)


National public lands day is On September 28, 2024

National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation's largest single-day volunteer effort for public lands.

As asignature eventof the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), NPLD fosters a strong connection between people and the environment, educating and cultivating environmental stewards. Held on the fourth Saturday in September each year, NPLD is also aFee-Free Daywhere entrance fees are waived at national parks and public lands. With support from federal and state agencies, corporate sponsors, and nonprofits, this event ensures resilient natural spaces for generations to come, encouraging volunteering and environmental engagement.

The theme for NPLD 2024 is “Together for Tomorrow.” From trail maintenance to tree planting, beach clean-ups to forest bathing, and more, volunteers of all ages and abilities will roll up their sleeves and join forces for a common goal—stewarding America’s natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

National Public Lands Day


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NPLD history & impact in the last decade

The inaugural National Public Lands Day, originally known as "Public Lands Appreciation Day," took place on July 30, 1994...Read more about the history of NPLD




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Value of Volunteer Service

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Site Manager Guide

NPLD Site Manager Guide

This guide supports new and returning site managers in planning and executing successful NPLD events.

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Día Nacional de Tierras Públicas

El Día Nacional de Tierras Públicas de la Fundación Nacional de Educación Ambiental (NEEF) es el mayor evento...

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Spread the Word: Promoting Your NPLD Event

In this webinar, our expert panelists share tips and best practices to understand the most effective...

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Public Lands Engagement Guides

NEEF's engagement guides cover key strategies for planning and executing successful environmental education...

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A Guide to Indigenous Land Acknowledgment

Land acknowledgment is a simple, powerful way of showing respect and a step toward correcting the stories and...

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NPLD Educational Activities

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NPLD iNaturalist Project

Take part in NEEF's NPLD BioBlitz with the iNaturalist app at your NPLD event.

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Invasive Species Activity for NPLD

Invasive species of plants are found in every part of the country. For many National Public Lands Day events...

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What is Biodiversity? Activity Guide

This activity guide teaches students about the important role biodiversity plays in the well-being of people...


From majestic mountains to sprawling forests, public lands provide a chance for us to connect with nature, explore our country's rich history, and enjoy endless recreational and educational opportunities.By hosting an NPLD volunteer event, you'll be joining a nationwide effort to preserve and protect our natural spaces ensuring that they remain a vital part of our communities.

Connecting on National Public Lands Day

EE and Mental Health on Public Lands

NEEF joined National Park Service Director Chuck Sams III, NPS staff, and local volunteers for an NPLD Signature Event at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.

Engaging Youth on National Public Lands Day

Partners in Conservation

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) and Riverview Park teamed up for a Day of Service and SCA alumni event in honor of National Public Lands Day.

impact on national Public Lands Day

Established in 1994 and held annually on the fourth Saturday in September, this celebration brings out thousands of volunteers to help restore and improve public lands around the country.

In addition to providing support to NPLD event organizers, NEEF conducts surveys and compiles post-event data, resulting in valuable metrics and nationwide impact figures that demonstrate the positive results of NPLD.

NPLD 2023 Impact

This year marked the 30th annual NPLD and organizers made the most of it. Volunteers participated in almost 600 events across the country, featuring some of America’s most memorable and unique locations—a natural history lesson at Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park, a coastal clean-up in Monterrey Bay, the removal of invasive species at Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.



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NPLD Impact Reports

NPLD 2022 Impact

NPLD 2021 Impact

NPLD 2020 Impact

NPLD 2019 Impact

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National Public Lands Day FAQ

Who participates in NPLD? What do volunteers do? These questions and more are answered.

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National Public Lands Federal Partners

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US Department of Interior Bureau of Reclaimation


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US Fish and Wildlife Service


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USDA Forest Service


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Bureau of Land Management


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Thank you for considering sponsoring National Public Lands Day! Join us in making a difference and showcase your commitment to environmental and community impact.

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More Than a Clean Up: Adding Variety to Your NPLD Event

In this webinar, you'll get tips on how to incorporate other stewardship activities into your NPLD event -...

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How to Make Your National Public Lands Day Event Accessible to All

We've gathered some tips on how to make your NPLD event more inclusive.

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How to Host a Successful National Public Lands Day Event

Friends of Herring Run Parks shares ten tips to help organizations host a successful National Public Lands Day...

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NPLD Stories

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NPLD Champion Protects Endangered Species at Military Installations with Help from Volunteers

Involving volunteers in conservation biology creates a ripple effect, boosting engagement, expanding outreach...

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Find Out Why One Couple Traded a Traditional Wedding for National Public Lands Day

This couple's wedding had guests pulling weeds instead of dining and making speeches.

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National Public Lands Day Signature Event Takes Viewers on a Virtual, Musical Tour of Select National Parks

Watch the NPLD 2020 Virtual Signature Event for a virtual, musical tour through select public land sites...

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National Public Lands Day (2024)
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