New Factions and New Rivalries in WWE by Sports and Nerd Stuff with Taylor and Kyle (2024)

Caitlin Clark’s Pay, NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft and X-Men ‘97In this week’s full episode, the guys first discuss Jontay Porter being banned for life. #1 pick, Caitlin Clark, is entering the league at a meager pay. How can she make more money? The guys discuss the NBA playoffs and their top 10 picks for the NFL Draft. X-Men ‘97 has quickly become our favorite show. Apr 18, 202443:30WrestleMania Night 1 RecapLive from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kil and TJeff discuss being at WrestleMania Night 1. Best and worst moments, matches, and entrances. Apr 07, 202440:07WBB > MBB, Top Defensive Prospects and Future MCU ProjectsThe guys are back as March Madness continues. Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, Paige Bueckers, and Juju Watkins put on a show to put WBB over MBB. DJ Burns vs Zach Edey in the Final Four. The guys discuss their top defensive prospects for the NFL Draft. In the nerd section, the guys discuss what they want to see in the MCU. Apr 03, 202436:21The Best Raw Ever and WrestleMania PredictionsOn this go home episode of the pod, TJeff and Kil talk about the best episode of Raw in years. The Rock absolutely demolishes Cody Rhodes. Then the guys make their predictions for WrestleMania XL. Mar 31, 202401:02:10March Madness indeed, Top WR prospects, and Whatchu Watchin’?On this new episode of the podcast, Taylor and Kyle talk about their poor efforts for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Oakland and NC State stand out in first two rounds. The guys rank their top 6 pass catchers for this year’s draft. In the Nerd Section, the guys make suggestions on what shows to watch. Mar 26, 202437:28Post Mania RivalriesTJeff and Kil are back for an episode leading up to WrestleMania. What’s next for Cody Rhodes, The Rock, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins? Mar 24, 202442:08Final Four Predictions, QB Draft Rankings and Acolyte TrailerIn this week’s episode of the podcast, the guys make their Final Four predictions. The guys rank their top 6 QBs for the 2024 NFL Draft. In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss The Bad Batch and the new trailer for Acolyte. Mar 19, 202447:42NFL Free Agency and Dune: Part Two ReviewIn this week’s episode, the guys hit on some of the early free agency moves. The guys also discuss their top defensive prospects from year’s past. In the Nerd Section, the Taylor and Kyle talk about Oppenheimer at the Oscars and review Dune: Part Two. Mar 12, 202439:31WWE gets commercializedIn this episode of the pod, TJeff and Kil discuss the increasing commercialization of WWE. The Rock continues to excel, but he keeps going over on time. What will happen with the IC and US titles at Wrestlemania? All this and more on the Wrestling Wrap Up Podcast. Mar 10, 202443:08Tag Teams and Street Fights on the Road to WrestlemaniaIn this week’s episode, TJeff and Kil discussed who’d they want to see in one final match. The Rock and Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. A change to the tag titles is coming. And street fights galore. Mar 04, 202438:24Ep. 100 - Is Caitlin Clark the GOAT, NBA Update, and Bad Batch RecapThe guys are back for their 100th episode of the podcast. To start off the show, the guys discuss whether or not Caitlin Clark is the greatest women’s college basketball player of all time. How can the NBA fix all-star weekend? And who will win the Finals? The guys discuss the top prospects they’ve seen. In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss the first three episodes of Bad Batch season three. Feb 27, 202444:29Elimination Chamber Recap and Wrestlemania Fantasy BookingOpening Question: who wins a title first, Tiffany Stratton or Bron Breakker. The guys breakdown results of Elimination Chamber. Officially Wrestlemania season. Four matches are known, what are we fantasy booking for the other matches. And finally the guys give their lists. Feb 25, 202401:06:21Heel Rock joins The Bloodline and Elimination Chamber PredictionsTJeff and Kil start off the show discussing the best wrestling couples in honor of Valentine’s Day. Heel Rock returns and it is glorious. What does the future hold for Seth Rollins and Gunther? The guys predict Elimination Chamber. And rankings. Feb 18, 202453:35Super Bowl LVIII RecapIn this all Super Bowl podcast, the guys discuss their take on the game, Taylor Swift’s future, Patrick Mahomes’ legacy, the halftime show, and commercials. Feb 13, 202434:59HHH Saves WrestlemaniaTJeff and Kil talk about a huge week in WWE. To start off the pod, the guys talk about the press conference to kick off Wrestlemania season. Cody Rhodes officially challenges Roman Reigns. And The Rock slaps Cody for talking about his family. Elimination Chamber qualifying matches are underway. Who will win? All this and more on this pod. Feb 10, 202455:60Super Bowl Picks, All-Star Snubs, and Force Users DraftIt’s Super Bowl week and the guys are making their picks. The guys talk about who they were right and wrong about in past drafts. Finally, the guys discuss NBA All-Star snubs. In the nerd section, the guys draft a team of force users. Feb 06, 202443:22The Rock Ruins WrestlemaniaIn this episode of the pod, TJeff and Kil discuss The Rock stealing the main event of Wrestlemania from Cody Rhodes. The guys then book the rest of the titles for Wrestlemania. Feb 04, 202451:55NFL Championship Weekend Recap, NBA Talk, and Most Anticipated MoviesIn this episode of the pod, the guys recap the NFL Championship Weekend. They discuss which MVP awards are most important in sports. And the guys talk about the NBA. Who will break Kobe’s 81? In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss their most anticipated movies of 2024. Jan 30, 202446:08Bayley and Cody Rhodes win the Royal RumbleTJeff and Kil discuss the 2024 Royal Rumble. Cody remains the face of the WWE after a great win over Punk. Bayley will likely challenge Iyo Sky for her championship after winning the Women’s Royal Rumble. Logan Paul retains the US Championship. And in the worst match of the night, Roman Reigns keeps his Universal Championship. To end the pod, the guys update their lists. Jan 28, 202455:29Harbaugh to the NFL and Oscar NominationsOn this episode of the pod, the guys discuss Jim Harbaugh taking the job with Los Angeles Chargers. The guys discuss last week’s playoff games and discuss this week’s matchups. In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss some of the snubs for three Oscars. Jan 25, 202435:33Rollins Injured and Royal Rumble PreviewIn this episode of the pod, TJeff and Kil discuss the impact of Seth Rollins injury. How will it affect WrestleMania? On SmackDown, Randy Orton finally hits the RKO on Roman Reigns. The guys make their picks for the Royal Rumble. And lists are updated. Jan 21, 202444:45NFL Sad Boy Pod and Echo ReviewThe guys are back for a brand new episode. In the pod, the guys discuss their level of sadness after the Browns and Cowboys were eliminated from the playoffs. The guys use second down to predict round two of the NFL Playoffs. And on third down, the guys make predictions for NFL head coaches. In the Nerd Section, the guys review the show Echo. Jan 19, 202458:44New Factions and New Rivalries in WWETJeff and Kil are back to talk some WWE. To start the show, the guys discuss which WWE wrestler was the best football player. On Raw, CM Punk and Drew McIntyre look to start some conflict. As does Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins. On SmackDown, Randy Orton is the hero once again. Jan 14, 202446:58Michigan CFP Champions, Nick Saban and Bill Belichick gone, and What If? StoriesThe guys are back with a big episode. In the sports section, the guys talk about Michigan’s dominant defense on the way to their first national championship since 1997. Where does Harbaugh go from here? Saban retires. The guys also make final predictions for the NFL awards and Wild Card weekend. In the Nerd Section, the guys create their own What If? Stories. Jan 12, 202401:02:25The Rock challenges Roman Reigns and the Decline of LA KnightTJeff and Kil are back to talk some wrestling in the new year. In the opening question, the guys discuss what title they would add to WWE. On Raw, The Rock returns. He stakes his claim to the Head of the Table. How does it affect Wrestlemania and Cody Rhodes going for the title? On SmackDown, LA Knight continues his decline as Roman Reigns and the Bloodline tear into contenders for the Universal title. The show ends with Power Rankings, Entertainment Rankings and Tag Team Rankings. Jan 07, 202455:40Fixing the Bowls, CFP Review and What If? Season 2The guys are back from a Christmas break and there is a lot of football to talk about. In the sports section, the guys cover their rookie league and the NFL season coming to a close. The guys discuss the College Football Playoff and how to fix the bowl system. In the Nerd section, the guys discuss the shortcomings of What If? Season two. Jan 04, 202451:25Christmas EpisodeThe guys are off for Christmas. Enjoy this compilation of Christmas conversations from the past month. Best and worst Christmas songs. Best and Worst Christmas movies. And Casting our own Christmas movie. Dec 24, 202341:35Wrestler of the Year BracketTJeff start off this episode with a Wrestler of the Year bracket. The guys then head into Raw and Smackdown thoughts. Dec 18, 202346:01Ohtani’s Money, Bowl Picks, and Casting Christmas MoviesThe guys are back for another great episode. In the sports section, the guys discuss Shohei Ohtani’s record breaking deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The guys predict the New Years Six games and they talk some NFL. In the Nerd Section, the guys cast a new Christmas movie using characters in current Christmas movies. Dec 13, 202344:08CM Punk’s Target and Orton is a WildcardIn the opening question, TJeff and Kil discuss which deceased wrestler they’d like to see fight again. Raw excites with a great opener and main event. SmackDown is still floundering a bit. But Randy Orton is a volt of excitement. Dec 11, 202333:19FSU Snubbed and Best and Worst Christmas SongsThe guys are back for another great episode. The guys talk extensively about the snubbing of FSU. Should Tyreek Hill win MVP? Is Mike Evans a Hall of Famer? In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss the best and worst Christmas songs.Dec 07, 202346:47CM Punk and Randy Orton make their returnTJeff and Kil are back to talk about the returns of both CM Punk and Randy Orton. Are the Creed Brothers next up? What will Logan Paul do with his US Championship? All of this and the weekly rankings. Dec 03, 202342:03Bill Belichick is a Fraud, CFP and Heisman Predictions, and Best and Worst Christmas MoviesThe guys are back after Thanksgiving break. In this episode the guys talk about their College Football Playoff and Heisman Trophy predictions. Frank Reich fired again. Is Bill Belichick the biggest fraud in NFL history? Best and Worst of Christmas movies.Nov 30, 202350:46Contenders for World Heavyweight Title and Survivor Series Preview In the opening question, TJeff and Kil draft their top 3 contenders for Seth Rollins World Heavyweight Championship. Then the guys preview Survivor Series. Nov 22, 202325:03War Games Fantasy Booking, New Faction Members and Dragon Lee’s FutureTJeff and Kil are here to talk about a great week of wrestling. To start the show, the guys fantasy book a War Games match from history. The Judgement Day takes over Raw and adds Drew McIntyre as a member. On Smackdown, Dragon Lee puts on a great match and what will WWE do with LA Knight going forward? The guys finish the show with the Power Rankings, Most Entertaining and introducing Top Tag Teams. Nov 19, 202349:28War Games, Double Crosses, and The Knight FallethTJeff and Kil are back for this week of WWE wrestling. On Raw, the card was stacked with great matches. Was Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn premature? Is Ricochet the best performer going? Was the Women’s Battle Royale necessary? The Smackdown card was a little lackluster. Questionable decision to start with LWO. LA Knight on the down swing? And Asuka joins Damage Ctrl. Nov 12, 202338:33AFC East disappoints, BGSU dominates, and Loki FinaleIn this episode of the pod, the guys discuss last week’s NFL games. Why is the AFC East so disappointing? BGSU goes Bowling for the second straight year. Can Rutgers get the upset over the offensively-woeful Iowa Hawkeyes? In the Nerd Section, the guys talk about the end of Loki. Nov 10, 202333:35Crown Jewel PreviewTJeff and Kil are previewing Crown Jewel in this episode of the Pod. Is there any chance anyone other than Rhea Ripley wins? Can LA Knight shock the world? Will Logan Paul take the United States Championship to new heights? Find out about our predictions. Nov 03, 202323:51Midseason Football Reports and Loki Season 2The guys are back at the halfway point of the NFL. Who has been surprising? Who has been disappointing. Who is the Heisman favorite? In the Nerd Section, the guys discuss Loki season 2. Nov 01, 202341:34Cody Rhodes the Superhero, Logan Paul, and LA Knight vs. Roman ReignsThis week was a very talkative week in WWE. A lot of challenges made. On Raw, Jey Uso goes down to the Judgement Day. But superhero Cody Rhodes saves his bacon. On Smackdown, LA Knight goes toe to toe with the Bloodline. And Logan Paul epitomizes the heel persona. New power rankings are out. Oct 29, 202328:43New Tag Team Champions and Crown Jewel is setTJeff and Kil start off the show by fantasy booking a tag team. Both ended up teaming The Miz with someone else. On Raw (2:57), Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes lose their tag team titles to The Judgement Day. Ricochet and Shinsuke put on a show. Smackdown (18:02), was lackluster in terms of fights, but lots of challenges. New power rankings (28:07) and Logan Paul end the show. Oct 22, 202334:26Browns shock the world, Caleb Williams falls and MCU’s Best and WorstOn this episode of the pod, the guys discuss the Browns amazing upset win over the 49ers. Is Purdy pedestrian without weapons? Eagles falter as the Cowboys rise up. In College, Caleb Williams has a bad game they both pick Penn State to beat Ohio State. In the Nerd section, the guys pick their best and worst for the MCU. Oct 18, 202348:45Undertaker Returns, Roman Reigns is back, and AEW Live ShowTJeff and Kil are back for one of the best non-PPV weeks in wrestling. In the opening, the guys predict who might win a championship in the future. On Raw (5:47) the guys discuss the challengers for Seth Rollins’ title. WWE puts all of their eggs in the NXT basket as Undertaker makes an appearance (16:35). On Smackdown (22:44), Roman Reigns returns to the head of the table. To close out the show, TJeff talks about going to AEW Collision (48:09). Oct 15, 202359:09Poor Coaching from Belichick and Cristobal and Loki Season 2The guys are back and they’re questioning some coaches. Mario Cristobal makes one of the worst coaching decisions in CFB history. Is Belichick ruining his legacy? The guys discuss the first episode of season two of Loki. Oct 11, 202334:57Fastlane Results: New tag team champs and Seth Rollins’ title futureTJeff and Kil talk about the results of Fastlane. A genuinely shocking start to the show as Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso become undisputed tag team champions. Iyo Sky and Seth Rollins retain their titles. And what’s next for LA Knight. Oct 08, 202346:26Edge to AEW and Fastlane PredictionsTJeff and Kil are back for a great week of wrestling. The guys talk briefly about Raw and Smackdown (1:10). Rhea Ripley shows off her leadership. Adam Copeland formerly known as Edge heads to AEW and reunites with Christian (11:15). Finally, the guys predict the matches for Fastlane (14:37).Oct 07, 202327:53Toy Story Football, BGSU Upset Win and Ahsoka Season 1 ReviewThe guys are back for another episode. In the opening, the guys pick their World Series hopefuls. They discuss the Toy Story game between the Falcons and Jaguars. Upsets were rampant in college football. Starting with BGSU getting Power 5 win over Georgia Tech. In the nerd section, the guys discuss the final episode of season one of Ahsoka. Oct 04, 202345:59Cena and LA Knight team up, Meh Mysterio, and Street Profits riseTJeff and Kil are back to talk to some wrestling. Opening question: would you rather have the most reigns or longest reign? On Raw (4:36), Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso continue to team with Sami and KO. On Smackdown (17:07), the fights were lacking but Street Profits take out LWO again. John Cena and LA Knight will team up against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. The guys do some fantasy booking. And then TJeff reveals his power rankings (31:28). Oct 01, 202335:25Swifties + NFL = Profit, Lillard traded, and Ahsoka The guys start off the episode discussing the “relationship” between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The Dolphins swim their way to the top of the league. Notre Dame with a costly blunder. Damian Lillard is headed to Milwaukee. In the nerd section, the guys discuss episode 7 of Ahsoka. Sep 28, 202346:20
New Factions and New Rivalries in WWE by Sports and Nerd Stuff with Taylor and Kyle (2024)
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