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Twitch Drops FAQ

What's a Drop?

A Twitch Drop is an eggsclusive Shell Shockers item, gained from watching any Drops-enabled Shell Shockers stream on Twitch. This time around, anyone can have a Drops-enabled Shell Shockers stream as long as they have enabled Drops on their channel. There are TEN ITEMS to be earned! The first FIVE items can be earned from 12PM PST, April 16th, to 12PM PST, April 23rd. The second FIVE items will be available from 12PM PST, April 23rd, to 3PM PST, May 1st.

How do I get the eggsclusive Drops?

To get the Twitch Drop rewards, you must link your Shell Shockers account to your Twitch account on your computer. This is the most important thing. After you’ve done that, you just need to watch anyone streaming Shell Shockers!

  • Log into your Shell Shockers account on
  • At the top of this page, click the “Link Twitch Account” button
  • In the pop-up, sign in to Twitch. Once signed in your account will be linked
  • Click on any of the Twitch Drops items on this page to be sent to the Twitch Shell Shockers Category. Make sure to follow to be notified when streamers go live!
  • After you've done that, you just need to watch anyone streaming Shell Shockers with Drops Enabled!
  • The first few drops are awarded quickly, but the time between drops increases for the most rare Drops!
  • Once you have earned a drop, claim it from your profile on Twitch!
  • You will receive a notification on Shell Shockers letting you know the item is now in your inventory! If you already have Shell Shockers open, you might need to refresh the page.
  • Earned all the drops from Week 1? Make sure to return in Week 2 for another set of eggsclusive items!

What Shell Shockers items can I earn during this drops event? How long do I need to watch?

Link accounts above then watch any Shell Stream! Just follow the category and choose your favourite!

Week 1:
  • 1st drop - Watch for 15 minutes total to receive the iMoRTaL_Mafia Lion Hat
  • 2nd drop - Watch for 45 minutes total to receive the Bald Meno stamp
  • 3rd drop - Watch for 2 hours 30 minutes total to receive a Mystery Tri-Hard
  • 4th drop - Watch for 6 hours total to receive the Blue Stag Horns
  • 5th drop - Watch for 12 hours total to receive the Thee_Owl Melee
  • BONUS drop - Watch longer to get a Mystery Egg Reward!
Week 2:
  • 6th drop - Watch for 15 minutes total to receive the MenoXD Eggk-47
  • 7th drop - Watch for 45 minutes total to receive the Red Stag Horns
  • 8th drop - Watch for 2 hours 30 minutes total to receive a Mystery Grenade!
  • 9th drop - Watch for 6 hours total to receive the Mount Pablomore Stamp
  • 10th drop - Watch for 12 hours total to receive the k4hhny Crackshot
  • BONUS drop - Watch longer to get a Mystery Egg Reward!

How do I know my account is connected?

We’ve added a bunch of ways to know if your account has been successfully connected:

  • At the top of this page, you should see a checkmark and the text: Account Linked As “your_Twitch_name”. If your name is missing, refresh the page.
  • On the Shell Shockers Homepage: The Twitch Drops button will now show a checkmark, and your profile icon will now have a small Twitch logo on it.

How do I see my progress on Twitch? How do I redeem my Drops?

  • First off, make sure you've followed the above steps for linking your account
  • Then, navigate to any Shell Shockers stream during the event, they should all be Drops-enabled
  • When you are watching a Drop-enabled stream, you will see a panel on the top right letting you know what percentage you have remaining to receive your drop.
  • Once complete, you should get a popup allowing you to claim. If not, click on your Twitch profile, then click on Drops to claim the item
  • Nice one! Now head to your Shell Shockers page and look for a popup. If you do not see one, refresh the page!

I’ve done the thing, now where are my items?

Some things to check on if you feel like you should have received Drops already:

  • Make sure the streamer you are watching has the "Drops-enabled" tag on their stream
  • Was the streamer live and in the Shell Shockers category?
  • Did you watch Shell Shockers streams for the required amount of time to get the item? On Twitch, click your profile, then Drops to check your Drops status
  • Check the top of this page making sure the correct Twitch account is linked.
  • Check and make sure the correct account is logged in, then relink the account on this FAQ page.
  • Are you trying to claim the drop using a proxy site like If it's not working, try
  • Was the streamer streaming Shell Shockers the whole time? Their streaming category matters; if they are streaming Shell Shockers, your Drops will be prepared in the background :)
  • Have you recieved all the items in this week yet? If you have, then make sure to check back next week for the next freshly laid batch!

Can I just watch multiple streams at the same time?

No, shame on you. You can only watch one Drops-enabled streamer at a time. Make sure you show the streamers some love! There will be a mix of veteran and new streamers giving it a go!

The link accounts page has timed out!!!

Fear not, if you've linked your Shell Shockers account to this page, this message no longer matters. Refresh the page to see an updated status.

Can I watch on mobile?

As long as you’ve paired your Twitch account with your Shell Shockers account on a computer first, you can watch the Watch Streams on mobile. Once you've redeemed your Drop on the Twitch app, head back to on your computer to get your reward!

Wait I can watch anyone in the Shell Category?

As long as they are streaming Shell Shockers during the event, yes! It's worth mentioning that as we are not doing specific creators this time around, some of the streams may not be ones we recommend and their opinions may not be the same as Blue Wizard Digital's. If you do see a stream you think is inappropriate please let us know on our Discord and we will remove it from the Shell homepage.

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