Slow is the way to go (2024)

This week at the end of our class I was asked - why do you askus to "go slow with control"?
I love a WHY | So let me explain...

When we think of exercise, we think ofmoving our bodies fast.

Pilates is definitely an exception to that mindset,everything is about moving slooooowly.!
“Slow and controlled” is a line you will often hear Emma say in class.But


Building Strength And Balance |

By moving slow, you are ensuring thatyou'realignment is correct. Thishis is one of the most important parts of your Pilates workout. Correct alignment doesn’t only ensure that your muscles are getting the best workout, but it also ensures that you don’t injure yourself.

The slower you go, the more you are able to focus your attention on the correct placement of your feet, knees, pelvis, shoulders and head.
Your instructor is there to give the visual cues and information you need to align your bodies correctly, but it’s also up to you to do your part and check in with yourself and correct yourself during your session.

When you move slow inclass, you are targeting each muscle group separately, which allows you to build strength within your body.
Sometimes you will notice that little Pilates shake as you move... when your body does a little shudder/shake, you know you are beginning to build your muscle strength, but remember you will only see this when you are moving “slow and controlled.”

Concentration |
Due to us movingslowly in Pilates, it causes us to focusharder on the movements that you are making. Which in turn helps to improve your concentration, which is great for your mind and body!
The more we concentrate during our Pilates session, the more you’re able to give your brain a break from all the stresses of life we encounter and focus all your attention on what is going on in thatpresent moment -

no outside distractions.

Less Tension |
Slow movement in Pilates allows you to take note of where you are holding tension you will hear Emma say "scan your body, to check for any unwanted tension you may be holding." we normallyhold tension in our neck, back, and shoulders, again you will hear the que"your upper. body should be on holiday".
Again if we are making slow movement, you will noticethis, and correct yourself.(self awareness)

By practicing slow controlled movements you will now begin to notice that the movements we practiceseem much harder when you do them sloooowly, and that’s the point — you want to feel the difference you are making in your body. by practicing PilatesNo Sore Muscles |
Sowhen you do a really highintense workout your muscles aresore the next day, yes?Sometimes to the point wherewalking upstairs or getting in or out of your chair is so painful right?

Pilates is different, you may feel certain muscles ache butit will never be to the extent that you experience in other HIIT workouts.WHY?Because you did not overstress the muscle, which means that you will not be dealing with a lactic acid buildup, which then leads to sore muscles.

Core Muscle Engagement |

When we move slowwe are engaging more of your core muscles throughout the whole hourworkout, strong core muscles help us to live with a healthy back, and hips and hopefully less pain in other parts of ourbody too.

So next time your in classremember the

“slow and controlled” method really does work,I promise you willhave agreater experience if you can slow it down.

Thanks for reading

Emma x

Slow is the way to go (2024)
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