Wylde Flowers: Who Are the Fairhaven Coven's Masked Members? (2024)


  • In Wylde Flowers, players follow Tara as she travels to care for her grandmother and learns about her family and her town's hidden powers.
  • The masked members of Fairhaven's magical coven, such as the High Priestess and the Farseer, are actually citizens of the town that Tara may already have befriended.
  • Performing tasks to uncover the coven's identities provides players more insight into the lore of the world and allows Tara to grow even more as a witch and a member of her community.

Indie game Wylde Flowers is not an average, everyday life and farming sim like Stardew Valley. As opposed to more mundane farming sims, magic is alive in Wylde Flowers' Fairhaven – something the game introduces early on when Gramma Hazel Wylde uses her wand to acquire water from a well. This beautifully stylized witch game takes the player on a fantastical adventure as Gramma Hazel helps the player’s character Tara learn everything there is to know about being a witch.

When the player first notices the Coven, all its members wear masks and appear in snippets. One of the first views of the Coven is of one member, the Raven, going to the coiled trees that block the player from going further into the wilderness at the beginning of the game. It seems as though the Coven member is also unable to get through the trees, much to their frustration. While the members are unknown at first, after joining the Coven, the player can complete different tasks to learn who each Coven member is within Fairhaven eventually. As we are discussing the identities of the Coven members, there are spoilers ahead, so beware.

Updated on June 11, 2024, by Natasha Elder: Wylde Flowers is a charming indie game that has intriguing characters, such as the Adept, the Acolyte and the Journeyman, that the player is tasked with revealing the identity of. With likable townsfolk, a captivating system of magic and complex relationships, Wylde Flowers is a classic indie game. We wanted to take another look at the characters behind the mysterious Coven members and unveil not only their identities, but also what makes them so special.

The Crowned High Priestess Is From a Long Line of Witches

She Is a Highly Capable Witch as a Result


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The High Priestess, identifiable by the shades of blue and green on her mask, is none other than Lina Dahl-Johnson. When not practicing her craft, Lina runs the general store with her husband, Parker. There is some strain on her relationship, given that Linda’s status as a witch, as well as having to spend all her time running the store and caring for her twins, Emmi and Finn. Discussions with Linda reveal that she feels the pressure of her various responsibilities have limited the time she has available to due anything else.

  • Lina is forty years old.
  • Some of Lina’s favorite gifts include apple cider and pumpkin pie.

The High Priestess’ family has existed in Fairhaven for generations, and she has practiced magic since she was a child, making Lina one of the most capable witches in town. Her family's long history in Fairhaven, spanning several centuries, is one of the hints that indicated who the High Priestess is, which some players may catch before getting the incantation to learn her identity.

The Red-Cloaked Farseer's Identity Is Linked to His Eyes

The Multi-Colored Irises Reveal Who He Is

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Players can locate Shelby Demeter, who holds the title of Farseer, living on the outskirts of Fairhaven. Unlike Lina, whose family has lived in Fairhaven forever, Shelby moved to Fairhaven because his family faced criticism for their status as witches in Hungary, where he was born. This could relate to the character's seclusion. Despite this seclusion, the children of Fairhaven are excited to see him due to his willingness to perform magic tricks.

  • Shelby Demeter was born into a Romani family.
  • Some of Shelby’s favorite gifts include Bread Pudding and Fish Stew.

Shelby is a well-known seer, earning him his title in the Coven. While his visions can be powerful, they are often unexpected. Possibly related to his status as a seer, Shelby often speaks in riddles and can be seen as an odd character. His ability to see the future and past is reflected in his design through heterochromia, having one green eye and one blue. He is the one to give the player their quest that ultimately leads to the incantation that reveals his identity.

The Journeyman Covered in Yellow Is a Small-Business Owner

He Also Has a Penchant for Mischief


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The 24-year-old bar owner Damon Mthembu-Haas is the true identity of the Journeyman in Wylde Flowers, which can be revealed after using a levitation potion. With both parents having moved back to South Africa, Damon has found a surrogate family with the High Priestess Lina. He can generally be located in the center of town or at Sophia's having a cup of coffee due to his late hours at the bar.

  • Damon Mthembu-Haas took over the bar when his mom and dad moved back to South Africa.
  • Some of Damon’s favorite gifts include Sweet Potato Vodka and Cape Malay Curry.

Damon frequently plays pranks on different community members to maintain his role as the Wylde Flower’s Journeyman. Tara will help Damon on one of his mischievous adventures, along with being able to romance him, should the player wish. Even upon his first meeting, he is very friendly and willing to chat. He is also eager to marry if the player chooses to pursue the romantic track with his character, accepting immediately when Tara proposes. His trickster nature is reflected in his fun-loving attitude.

The Adept in Magic and Medicine's Profession Gives Her Away

She Cares for the Community in More Than One Way

Wylde Flowers: Who Are the Fairhaven Coven's Masked Members? (5)


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Amira Syed is more than meets the eye. Traveling from the city to the quiet town of Fairhaven, Amira Syed serves the community as a loving and patient doctor. Dr. Syed is originally from Persia and finds peace in the woods and beaches around Fairhaven. Amira is also one of the romanceable characters within Wylde Flowers and takes a high interest in Tara shortly after she arrives at the island.

  • Amira Syed is 38 years old.
  • Amira’s favorite foods are Honey Mint Cooler, Fesenjan, Jeweled Rice, Zeytoon Parvardeh and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Amira’s identity as Wylde Flower’s Adept can be found by progressing through the Coven quest line after receiving the first quest, "Steeped in Mystery," from Gramma. Finding out that Amira is Adept is one of the key pieces in eventually marrying her, as she has trouble connecting with new people. This is potentially related to a past relationship as she is wearing a necklace an ex gave her when Tara first meets her.

The Acolyte/Herbalist's Mask Hints at Her Name

The Flowers Reference Both Her Name and Her Profession

Wylde Flowers: Who Are the Fairhaven Coven's Masked Members? (7)


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The lively flower shop owner, Violet Miranda, is the face behind the mask of the Acolyte, now known as the Herbalist. Hoping to one day grow beyond selling flowers and leave her past behind, Violet wants to open a boutique and possibly move away from Fairhaven one day due to her passion for fashion. She cares too much for her younger brother Sebastián to leave until he is older, though. She can often be found near Marty’s ranch or on the bench outside of town hall.

  • Violet’s brother is Sebastian.
  • Some of Violet’s favorite gifts are Churros and the Spanish Omelette.

When she was young, her father, Antonio, was the mayor. However, one day, her mother, Gloria, disappeared without a trace. Using her knowledge of plants, Violet was recently promoted from Acolyte to Herbalist in recognition of her ability to blend plants into potions. However, there are a few hints of Violet's status as a witch, as well as her level, hidden on the mask she wears, as the flowers are violet. Additionally, she can be revealed as the acolyte after Tara delivers her a charming potion.

The Raven Occupies a Position of Power in Fairhaven

Balancing Her Community and Coven Roles Is Difficult


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The First Lady and only teacher at Fairhaven, Vanessa Soft, is the Raven. Vanessa has a highly polished look, matching her roles on the island. Conversing with Vanessa reveals that she first spent summers in Fairhaven as a child, and fell in love with the town. This motivated her to move there and maintain a sophisticated life. However, there are hints that there is more to Vanessa than just being the mayor's wife and an educator. She frequently speaks of the secrets hiding within the town, teasing that she knows of the Coven and may even be a member herself.

  • Vanessa Soft is 29 years old.
  • Some of Vanessa’s favorite gifts include Fruit Salad and Fennel Salad.

Vanessa’s position as First Lady means that she must maintain certain appearances and cannot outright tell newcomers about the Coven, nor the identity of the towns’ members that make up the group, even those related to other town members, of the mystical background of Fairhaven. She does so due to her love for the town, and her want to protect it. However, she is very much involved herself, and is in fact the one that appears in the very first cutscene in front of the coiled trees. Her position is also hinted at through the fact that her mask is the only one that is not a full-face brown mask, but rather an elegant, silver eye mask.

This indie game has a great story that any player will enjoy exploring as they interact with the other characters. Every Coven member can be uncovered through a quest completed by Tara. The beginning of the investigation to find each member is given by Gramma Hazel, the Elder of the Coven. While not all members of the Coven are romanceable, it is recommended to improve relationships, as it can help uncover each member's identity, either through the task related to it or by learning their quirks regarding their roles. Additionally, speaking to each member is important for players to fully enjoy the wonderful lore that is a major part of Wylde Flower’s charm.

Wylde Flowers: Who Are the Fairhaven Coven's Masked Members? (2024)
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